Viator At A Glance

Our International Travel Insurance Company

Viator International LLC, established 1999

Licensed Life, Accident, Health broker

Principals: Tom Murray, Mike Fagan, Jim Bazzano, Brock Judiesch

Value Proposition

The industry’s leading specialty brokerage with a unique combination of global insurance and emergency assistance expertise, resulting in the most cost effective and competently managed global healthcare solutions available on the market today

Risk Groups

  • Expatriate employees
  • Inpatriate employees
  • Third Country National employees
  • Local National employees
  • Contracted employees
  • Global business travelers and dependents


  • Strategy, implementation, ongoing case management and policy renewals
  • Medical, Dental, Disability, EAP, Evacuation, Repatriation & Security services
  • Fully and self-insured funding arrangements
  • Over forty specialty vendors in North America and Europe


  • Over 50,000 insured global assignees in employer sponsored plans
  • Employer groups ranging from several to several hundred global assignees
  • Corporate: including Fortune 500 companies
  • NGO/PVO: including organizations receiving Department of State contracts and grants
  • Thirty service and manufacturing industries represented