Expertise Through Experience

Having operational experience with a leading industry vendor is a top credential for any healthcare broker or consultant. Due to the unique nature of international healthcare, operational experience is not just a credential, it is essentially a prerequisite. Global healthcare insurance and emergency assistance is so different from any other type of benefit category, that fully understanding how it all works together requires learning it from the inside out. For example, visa requirements, minimum coverage levels, medical provider networks, tax consequences and, trade restrictions and sanctions. Viator is unique in that it has expertise from two interconnecting disciplines – emergency assistance and global medical insurance – which gives it an unrivaled position in the industry.

Tom Murray (Massachusetts) and Mike Fagan (Chicago)

Professional colleagues since 1986, Tom and Mike started their careers together at CIGNA Healthcare in mid-market sales and account management. In the mid 1990’s, a growing need for international medical and emergency assistance services drew them to International SOS (formerly known as AEA) as sales directors working with international corporate clients in the U.S. and Canada.

After several years of working in the global emergency medical services sector (evacuations, repatriations, clinical coordination, and provider payment protocols) in a number of locations around the world, they became experts in their business. Their expertise, however, was impeded by brokers and consultants who did not fully understand their market, so they decided to become brokers of international assistance and insurance products, allowing them to deliver value directly to their clients.

In 1999, Tom and Mike started Viator International with the goal of bringing their unique insights and experience to a growing global economy. Since then, the Viator book of business has grown substantially, and now represents one of the largest multinational client bases managed by any independent employee benefits firm in the country.

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Stuart Brown (Boston)

As part of the Viator team, Stuart focuses on various mobility issues and strategies, including the design and management of expatriate health and insurance programs.

He has over 30+ years’ experience in the healthcare and benefits business, including 20 years of experience consulting and assisting multinationals with a broad range of international human resource areas such as mergers and acquisitions, benefit design, global governance policies, multinational pooling, and employee mobility programs. He specializes in assisting multinationals define and implement their global benefits & mobility strategy ensuring alignment with their overall global business objectives.

Stuart earned an A.B in Economics at Muhlenberg College. Stuart participates on the faculty of the IFEBP Global Certificate program and has spoken at numerous meetings at the NFTC International Benefits Committee, Foreign Benefits Study Group and New England Employee Benefits Council.

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Jim Bazzano (Boston)

Jim joined Viator in 2014 after working at CIGNA HealthCare in Connecticut as an Account Manager. In his time at CIGNA, Jim was also an underwriter and a sales executive so brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the Viator arsenal. Jim manages our existing clients and you can contact him at the number or e-mail address below:

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Anna (Murray) Babcock (Albany)

Anna joined Viator in 2018 after gaining international benefits experience working for Cigna Global Health Benefits in New York City as a Client Manager. Additionally, she has had experience working as a Human Resources Generalist in both nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Anna manages our existing clients and you can contact her at the number or e-mail address below:

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