International Health Insurance Policies for Groups

Global Healthcare

Your company’s domestic healthcare plan doesn’t come with a passport healthcare plan around the world, whether private or public, limit service areas and direct care to defined geographical regions. This can present a major operational challenge for employers sending their employees to other countries; as soon as an employee crosses an international border, their insurance coverage and services diminish, sometimes significantly. The end results can include jeopardized employee health and safety, shortened or even failed assignments. Fortunately, the insurance and emergency assistance markets have grown significantly over the past twenty years in response to these costly gaps. Let Viator International be your guide and travel insurance company of choice. We provide best in industry health insurance for working abroad.

Growing globally with the right solutions

Employers now have an unprecedented array of international medical insurers, emergency assistance companies and other specialty service providers to choose from in order to create durable and effective global healthcare solutions that keep assignees healthy, on assignment, and productive. Access to quality, cost-effective healthcare no longer needs to be an impediment to expanding global operations. Instead it can be an integral and attractive component of an employee’s remuneration package. It can help facilitate growth. Assembling, managing, and renewing these options at fair market value, however, requires a unique skill and expertise that few benefits brokers or consulting firms possess.

Global Medical Insurance Industry Experience

Regarded as an innovator in this specialty niche, Viator International delivers industry leading private international medical insurance brokerage services for employers interested in keeping their globally-dispersed employees healthy and productive through state-of-the-art solutions. Whether your organization is considering an international benefits program for the first time, or needs professional management of an existing one, Viator’s staff has the operational background and industry experience for complete optimization of your employee benefits expenditures.